Tattooed Eyes | The Creepy and Awesome Corneal tattoo designs

tattooed eyes

Tattooed Eyes

Tattooed Eyes : Let me get 1 thing quite clear that Tattoos in eyes or simply called Corneal tattoo looks very creepy to me. The scare the hell out of me. There is salute to those guys who have a courage to get one. Tattooed eye is not something quite new. It has been used from last 10 years. But 10 year old history does not make it the safest thing in the world. Corneal tattoos are still in quite a experimental stage.

Tattooing the eyelids means to colour the white pigments of the eyes. Some does it to look cool or for a fashion and beauty statement. But some gets this due to enhance the looks of there eyes and hide the accidental damages also. These style of cosmetic tattoos really hides things better and also gives you a new look. Not only that tattoos on eyes also helps to cure certain disorders like diffused nebula of the cornea ,  iridodialysis , aniridiaalbinism , coloboma and iridodialysis.


Method and Ink inside tattooed eyes

In order to mask the leukomatous opacities Corneal tattoos were used dated from 150 AD. It was first mentioned by Galen (Roman physician) during the time of ancient greek. And it keep on evolving from 2000 year back.

Since the early days corneal tattoos has keep on evolving. There are numerous method to get Tattooed eyes. But the most common one include dying agent (ink) applied directly to the cornea. The artist after insert injection inside eyes to colour the cornea

Other method for tattooed eyes are, the artist pierce several times with needle containing small amount of ink in cornea stroma.

In market there are variety of colours available to colours your eyes. The most used colours are Black and Red. Other colours are green , blue and yellow.  Indian Ink is the most common ink which is used when someone wants to get tattoos on eyes. It is considered quite safe and has long lasting effect as compared to other inks in the market. Uveal pigment from animal eyes are also famous choice among the tattoo lovers.

Now lets look at the Tattooed eyes designs

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