Tattooed Eyeliner | The permanent way to make your eyebrows awesome (Pictures Included)


Tattooed Eyeliner


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Tattooed Eyeliner : Tattoos can be made all over the body. But who’s crazy enough to get a eyeliner tat ? That sound weird right ? Hell No ! Getting a tattoo eyeliner can come up with your best decision ever made. There are many plus point in getting tattooed eyeliner.

If you are a busy girl and don’t want to waste your precious time in doing make over and over everyday. Then getting your eyeliner inked is the best way to look beautiful and gorgeous without much hassle everyday. If you had applied the eyeliner then you are aware of the fight between your eyes and liner. That’s not enough just after few hours the liner get smudge. Causing more irritation then getting it.


The Benefits of getting Tattooed Eyeliner

Getting a tattooed eyeliner can be your best decision ever made. There are lots of pros of getting your eyeliner inked.

Like many people are allergic to various cosmetic products and eyeliner is the one of the top of the list.

After few hours you normal eyeliner turns into your dark circles.

Eyeliners makes your eyes itchy and watery.

Spending $$$ in getting a good eyeliner every couple of month later sums up to be costly. But a Tattooed eyeliner lasts for year and are cheaper then the regular ones.

When you will wake up the eyeliner will still be the pixel perfect. Is not it is a kind of miracle ?


The Process and things to take care of Tattooed Eyeliner

The thing to note here is that the process of getting your eye lines tattooed sounds dangerous. But still it is not that simple. ‘

The artist will apply Anesthetic to your eyes and allow you to rest for half and hour.

After the effect of anesthetic starts the artist will start applying the ink to your eyes.

Instead of a heavy weird tattoo gun the artist will use a epi-pen.

After everything is done you need to apply petroleum jelly to the tattooed area for at least couple of week. To heal and enhance the look of your ink.

First few days your eyes may get swollen but will become normal just after 2-3 days.

So after such a long reading lets look at some of the images of the eyeliner tattooed.

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