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Scarification Tattoos | Scar Tattoo : The painful designs on body


Scarification Tattoos

Scarification Tattoos Do you know what is scarification ? Do you think body modification is cool and fun ? Of-course it is but some times it turns out really wild. Welcome to the world of Scarification Tattoos. It is not easy as those small tattoos and piercing. Scarification is a form of body modification in which the skin of the person is cut , scratched , burned , cutting designs  words or pictures , etching or burning to form a permanent mark on the skin. The process is continued several times till the desired result is obtained.


How is scarification done (The scarification tattoos process)

There are various scarification types but african body scarification is one of the oldest known of all of them. One important point in scarification is that there are several stages involved to complete a design as desired. And during these stages the person making the scarification tattoos suggests some aftercare product to take care of your design.



What a nice guy he/she is taking care of your design oh god bless him/her. But wait the after care product is not intended to do what its intended to do. After your scars starts healing and forming a solid brown skin on top of your dermis, its time to head back to the artist again. The aftercare product is purposely made to leave scar mark on your body not to heal it and remove scars.



Why choose scarification ?

As mentioned above scarification is not trending nowadays. These styles exists from the earlier days of human beings. But the question is why would any one wants to get a scarification tattoos ? There are not a single answer for this. So lets see whats the reason behind this.

  • Beauty – Yes , you read it right. Scars enhance the beauty of the body. When done right, Patterns formed by raised scars looks great.
  • Branding – Animal or Human branding was used to leave a mark on the body. It is basically mark of some symbol of the brand who owns the Human(Slave)/Animal. The mark is burned on the skin resulting in permanent mark on the body.
  • Depicting Journey – In many tribes mostly in African tribes scarification is done on young ladies. Scarification is done on the day of celebration when the girl reaches her puberty.
  • Symbolizing strength – Getting a tattoo or piercing sometimes becomes a painful journey. But there is no doubt that it takes a Hell lot of courage to get scarification tattoo. That is the reason why in many tribes this ritual has to be performed by boys when they reach certain age. It is seems as the act of courage (obviuosly it is ) and correlates with respect. The more scars you have the more you get respect in the tribe.

Lets look at some of the extreme body art completed after hours of painful journey. Seriously these scars tattoos are not for the weak heart fellows.


Scarification Tattoos Designs

Before and after Scars Tattoos

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