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Praying Hands Tattoos

Praying Hands Tattoos: Hands Tattoos are one of the Top Choices when people think of getting a tattoo. There are lots of stories attached with praying hands tattoos. Example it is generally related

There are lots of stories attached with praying hands tattoos. Example it is generally related to Jesus. But as always every

But as always every tattoo resembles different meaning with different placement why and when it was made and varies from people to people and place to place.

The story behind Praying Hands Tattoos

Praying hand tattoos meaning comes from a story. The story came backdated from the 15th century. As said a german boy named Albrecht painted praying hand as to present a gift to the mayor of Frankfurt. And the mayor really liked the crafted piece. Later a fire destroyed the masterpiece but Albrecht had copies of the original art and from that point, people start duplicating the artwork and most likely in the form of the tattoo.

Besides the story the basic symbolic meanings of a praying hand tattoo is that it reflects hardships. That How a person overcamed from his bad phase in life.

Praying Hand Tattoos Designs

Praying Hand Tattoos are quite popular among all age and every gender. But some famous one among them are:

Praying hands with clouds and flying pigeons.

Hands holding a cross or cross chain.

One quite popular is praying hands with rosary tattoo.


So without wasting any more time lets see some of the outstanding praying hand tattoos.


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