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Nefertiti Tattoo

Nefertiti Tattoo : Do you know who was Nefertiti ? Probably you already have some idea about Nefertiti that’s why you are here reading this. But let us explain a bit about her and Nefertiti Tattoos too. Nefertiti was an Egyptian Queen and was wife of Akhenaten. Who took the initial to start a religious revolution in Egypt. Her bust gave her the popularity she has now in today’s culture.

Her bust was created on 1345 BC by the sculpture Thutmose and was discovered on 6th December 1912. The Bust was made up of limestone and stucco. Nefertiti is still kept safely in the Neues Museum , Berlin (Germany).


Meaning behind Nefertiti Tattoos

The meaning of Nefertiti is “the beautiful one has cometh forth”. Nefertiti has so much titles given that it is hard to remember every titles (At least for me its too difficult). The titles are like this :

  1. Lady of all Women
  2. Great King’s Wife
  3. Mistress of Upper and Lower Egypt
  4. Lady of The Two Lands
  5. Main King’s Wife
  6. Hereditary Princess
  7. Sweet of Love
  8. Great of Praises

Seriously so many titles. And why not because she was the wife of the most powerful king Akhenaten(An Egyptian Pharaoh ).

Tattoos of Nefertiti are so much famous that SuperStars like Rihanna and Tupac did not hesitate to get the Nefertiti tat on there body.



Nefertity Tattoos Design Ideas

Lets see some of the best tats from Ancient Egypt design.


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