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Kristen Bell Tattoos | Is Kristen Bell tattoos real ?


Kristen Bell Tattoos

Kristen Bell Tattoos : Many People wants to know  “Is Kristen Bell tattoos real ?”. The answer is simply a big “NO”. Oh Am i wrong ? Did you have seen here covered up totally in tattoos from top to bottom. And you also that she has 214 tattoos all around the body. The Answer is still no “Kristen Bell Tattoos” are just makeup for the show (The Hollywood Thing).

Her Debut Character was “Becky Thatcher” in “The Adventure of Tom Sawyers”. From that time Kristen Bell have never seen back in her career. But recently there was some buzz about her that how the 36 year old actress was struggling with depression and anxiety. And she boldly speaked about it in media ( Her New movie Bad Moms is also doing great. And the movie Frozen is one of the top seller in animated movie category of all time.


Kristen Bell Tattoos designs

Now lets look at the false tattoos she got for the website Funny or die. Her Tattoos were really great and most of them reveals some meaning behind them.

Our most favourites kristen bell tattoos were

  1. Insert Gear here Tattoos at under her chin.
  2. Thug written on her knuckles.
  3. Nautical star on her left shoulder.
  4. Anchor tattoo design on back of hands.
  5. Bracelet Tattoo on her left wrist.
  6. A Troll doll.
  7. Two AK 47 at her Back.
  8. I heart Windows 95

So lets look at the images of K-Bill Tattoos Designs.

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