How much do tattoos cost


How much do tattoos cost is the most common question a person ask before getting a tattoo. It is also a genuine question because design of your tattoo is sometimes decided by your pocket. Only in case you are a millionaire above question will sound wrong to you. But the fact to be considered about tattoo prices is that it is not same all around the globe. There are tremendous factors which affects the cost of the tattoo.


Tattoo Prices Estimate

There is a quote in the tattoo business that fits in all countries it is about the tattoo prices and it is

“Cheap tattoos are not good. Good tattoos are not cheap”.

Let’s check out How much do tattoos cost and there deciding factors. The first image is a rough estimate about the tattoo prices.

how much to tattoo costs


After reviewing the above chart you can very easily understand that popular tattoo artist can cost very much then any scratcher or beginner. The quality of work by any professional or established tattoo artist wont make you disappoint but will cost heavy to your pocket. The thing to note in the image above is that tattoo prices are calculated on the basis of full sleve tattoo cost, It is not based on any small tattoo or 3d tattoo as 3d tattoo cost will be slightly higher than the above mentioned chart.


How much do tattoos cost?

Tattoo prices can be a deciding factors in look of your tattoos. Are you in a search of a tattoo artist that draws wonderful tattoos in cheap rates than you should look at the following image before searching out them anymore.

Tattoo prices and the difference in the art

Differences in tattoo prices and design


Did you understood what i was trying to say. Now you have the answer that How much does tattoos cost. If your search is still going on then may be you will end up with a tattoo that looks like in the first image of the above given photo, Not at all like the third image. There is a great difference between a Professional and Scratcher, experience shows upfront and you will get a good piece of art.


Tattoo Prices Chart for United Kingdom

As stated earlier tattoo prices are different for all regions. Like in United kingdom the cost is different then the other regions. Lets check out the following image about tattoo prices in United Kingdom.

how much to tattoo cost

Tattoo prices chart for United Kingdom


It is given in image in form of sizes in millimetre and the cost is in pounds not in dollar so please check the conversion rate before calulating your cost. Whether it is UK or USA or any other country the proverb goes at it is.

“Cheap tattoos are not good. Good tattoos are not cheap”

(For a rough estimate of tattoos cost check out our tattoo price calculator.)

average tattoo prices by size

average tattoo prices by size


Did you noticed how much cost a Back Pieces tattoo can cost you ? Yes your Back Can be a Big Canvas for the art and it really going to cost you good. But a X-Small tattoo prices is so dirt cheap whether its coloured or black or white. As you seen in the above image that how tattoo prices are different for different sizes. Lets look at the below image to make sure you go to right direction before getting inked.


Tattoo prices in New Zealand

Above given image was in pounds and were the standard rate for the United Kingdom. Lets look down to the Tattoo Prices in New Zealand which is mentioned by size in mm and rates are in dollar.

tattoo cost examples

Cost in New Zealand

As you may have noticed that there is not much difference in overall Tattoo Prices whether it is UK or New Zealand. And once again an eye opening image that makes you understand How much do tattoos cost.

How much do tattoos cost

examples of tattoos and cost

Test your artist : Various tattoo Parlours also make Henna tattoos. Henna Tattoo prices are also very low as compared to the traditional tattoos and 3d tattoos. It is a good option to check your artist’s quality and his experience in this field without getting a bad tattoo.  Check out the henna tattoos prices guide before you go to the shop and ask for one.


How much does tattoo removal Cost ?


What will happen if you get a bad tattoo. Sometimes you may get pursued by a scratcher  and end up doing a bad tattoo in your body. So, what will you do to get rid of the bad art. Cut down your body part is a option but not the best one. Medical Science had increased exponentially during lasts few decades and there is one more option present

How much do tattoos cost

tattoo removal cost

in the market and it is tattoo removal by lasers. Tattoo removal can be a better option to get rid of the bad art. But tattoo removal Cost can  be really high. Sometimes, even more then your tattoos cost. Check out the cost of tattoo removal in the image.



(Note: check out the guide to stay away from tattoo infections




Hope you guys understood How much do tattoos cost in today’s environment. If you have any suggestions , query feel free to express you via comment. We would love to hear from you guys…


Till then Happy Tattooing

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