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Henna Tattoo prices can be really cheap as compared to various other tattoos. Let’s find out what is henna ? Henna is made of the plant ” Lawsonia inermis ” which is the biological classification of the Henna plant. Then the dried and grounds leafs of the Henna plant is taken out to make the Henna. Henna plants are generally found in the dry climates regions like India , Pakistan , Middle east , etc..

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Henna = Mehndi

Henna is used since the early days of mankind (more than 1000 years before). It was used
and still in use of making a temporary design on your body. In India Mehndi is one the essential  parts of many rituals like marriages , parties , etc.

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Henna Tattoo prices

Like other average tattoo prices henna tattoo prices are relatively quite cheap, as compared to other permanent tattoos. The reason being this is because henna tattoos are not permanent, some good henna tattoos last up to 10-15 days. When the tattoo is applied and then dried up to remove the design, its first appearance would look like the deep brown color (depends upon the quality) as soon as it starts to fade up it slowly start turning orange. Other reasons for cheap henna tattoos cost of henna tattooprices are they

don’t need very specific tools like tattoo gun and so on. Henna tattoos only need a small funnel (which can be made of anything like plastic) in which the henna paste are stored and then squeezed. So the paste came out of the nozzle and the artist makes up the design.

 Henna tattoo price mainly depends on the size of the design. The bigger the size the more it cost. Mainly all around the country, you can find henna tattoo prices in various parlors ranges from $5 – $10 for a single design. And for the large design henna tattoo cost you around $20 – $40. Due to its temporary nature, it becomes more likely the best part of the henna tattoo and henna tattoo cost had made it a sparkling effect. You can also make henna tattoo first and  if it looks good then you can make the design permanent. As you can see it is good for doing a various experiment for your personal best design.

Is Henna Tattoo Safe ?

Yes , the answer is quite a clear henna tattoo are natural products and does not include any bad chemicals. But it has been seen that in few cases it can cause skin swelling or itching effects. These problems can happen to those person’s who poses some kind of allergic problems with the henna plants and their products.

How to get dark henna color ?

Henna tattoos result in dark variants of orange and burgundies. But traditional methods henna tattoo pricesare used to get better results in form of dark color. The method generally used are to
either add some sort of ammonia or black dye color in the henna paste but stay away from these techniques because these are not considered safe and can result in skin related problems. But some people still confuses the general customer by selling “black henna”, Keep this in mind to not use any of the claims people offers.

There are some natural oils most peoples prefer while applying the tattoos like the mustard seed , cloves , Cajput , Mehlabiya , Teatree. Which are generally used to achieve a better dark color but also going to increase your henna tattoo prices?


  • To get the best possible result keep the henna paste until it completely dries which will take 4-5 hours
  • Use different oils like mustard seed , cloves , Cajput , Mehlabiya , Teatree to get the best possible result
  • Henna tattoo is also known as Mehndi
  • How long does a henna tattoo last -> Generally henna tattoos lasts for 7-10 days. Best quality henna lasts 10+ days.
  • Cost of henna tattoo for a small design can be under $ 10
  • Henna tattoo price for medium size design can be between $10 – $25
  • Henna tattoo price for large design cost you between $ 25- $ 55
  • Henna tattoos are natural tattoos and can be used by anyone. To stay safe first, apply it in a smaller amount in hands because chances of infections also exist.  (Beware if you are allergic to it [see the image])
  • Don’t opt for the black henna tattoo , they are not considered safe.
  • It usually takes 12-48 hours to come up with its best color. (So if you are planning to get henna tattoos for some special day do the tattoo part a couple of days before)
  • Henna tattoo parlor can be easily found around in your locality but if you can’t find it try asking some beauty salons or tattoo parlor.
  • Henna Tattoos will naturally get removed after few days.
  • Getting a Henna tattoo is the best idea if you want to check how a permanent tattoo or any other body art looks in your body.



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