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Hair Tattoo Time to Hide your Baldness in Style

Hair Tattoo: Baldness is one of the common problem faced by many men and women around the globe. Losing your hair also results in losing your confidence and personality. There are many treatments, chemical and herbal products available in the market that guarantees you to pull you out from the drowning well of baldness. For few they work for few they not. But how about an idea that turns your baldness to a new Avatar? Yes, there is a solution for this problem and it is called Hair Tattoos.

The Term Hair Tattoo is also better known Micro Scalp Pigmentation.

What is Hair Tattoos?

Micro Scalp Pigmentation or Tattoo Hair is a medical process (like eyebrow tattoos) where small dots are made of the pigments of the scalp. Which looks like tiny short hairs.

It suits in many situations like baldness if facing hair loss or medical conditions such as alopecia. For many guys, baldness starts at the late 20s or may have come through hereditary. But latest trends in fashion and technology helps today’s person to get rid of this issue easily as this was never before.

Getting a hair tattoo is not a very painful process. As many tattooers have said that it is not completely pain-free but the pain is quite less. They only feel a tingling sensation in their scalp. That’s it and you will get your confidence and hair back. The best part is it is also not as costly as hair transplants. But you have to keep shaving your hair regularly as your natural hairs don’t stop to grow and you have to get rid of that. Prices of hair tattoos generally ranges from $ 2500 – $3800.


Hair Tattoo Before and After

So lets see some Before and After images of Hair Tattoos.

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