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Galaxy tattoos on sleeves

Galaxy Tattoos


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Galaxy Tattoos : Since from the early mankind going to outer space has been a dream of human community. Galaxy is full of mysteries , untold stories and may be aliens too. Beauty of universe cannot be explained in words. Galaxy Tattoos holds some strong meaning behind them. Like a image of your wife , mother or anyone with a moon on background is quite clearly explainable that what they mean in your life.

Mysteries is also a common meaning behind the galaxy tattoo designs. The best part of Galaxy tattoo are that they fit on anyone. Whether you are a man or a women these tattoos looks great in your body. Beside from the universe design getting the ink of astronaut is also a good idea to go with.


Galaxy Tattoos designs and idea

The Universe is full of mysteries , stars , nebula’s , sun and many other  galaxies also. The galaxy is so big that we are not equal to the size of even a cell in our body. The first dream of every child is to became a NASA astronaut and going to the outer space. But very few of them chase and achieve there dream goal. But not to worry for rest of the universe lovers we have galaxy tattoos.

There are many meanings behind the galaxy tattoos. Such as the most common one is that the Galaxy tats resembles your love toward the mysteries. It signifies great strength and power. As explained these tattoos also expresses your love toward your love ones. Another good meaning is that a whole galaxy is inside you.

So without wasting anymore time lets look at some of the best galaxy tattoos design.


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Spiral Galaxy Tattoos

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