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Jaguar Tattoo | Awesome Collection of The Panther Tattoos


Jaguar Tattoo : Jaguar are the member of the big cats family. That’s what make them so appealing and super powerful. Jaguar is the 3rd largest members in the felidae family after Lion and Tiger. The fighting technique of this lethal animal is unique from other members of cat family. Which even inspired a class of martial arts to adopt the techniques of the Jaguar.


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Jaguar Tattoo looks great whether you are a man or a women. The powerful animal resembles the power and strength inside you. The look of the body of jaguar is great. His powerful jaws , compact body and shiny fur make it one of the best option to get a tattoo of.

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Jaguar Tattoo meaning Designs and Meanings

The body of Jaguar is basically yellow and tan but variation has also been seen from brown to reddish. The spot patterns are smaller on back and tails but a bit bigger over head and neck. The other more famous colour of Jaguar (panther) is the black jaguar. Jaguars used to live alone and hunt alone too.

The meaning of Jaguar Tattoo is not specific it depends upon the designs. Some like to draw hands , some paws and some the full body. If a women get Jaguar Tattoo the common meaning is she want to resemble beauty. As explained above the meaning varies from design to design. For men Jaguar Ink carries different meanings like courage , leadership , confidence , challenging which are the most common nature of the Panther.

Placement of the tattoo is also a thing to take care of. As the design takes a bit space if you want to draw the whole body. For that Back , Chest and sleeves are the best place. But if you want only the head or paws then wrist , biceps , shoulders are not bad at all.

Now lets look at some of the best Jaguar Tattoos all around the internet.

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