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Beauty and the Beast Tattoo


Beauty and the Beast Tattoo

Beauty and the Beast Tattoo : Beauty and Beast is one of the most successful animated musical romantic fantasy movie produced and released by Walt Disney. The story is surrounded around the prince who has been transformed into a beast. Due to his arrogance behaviour. And to get back to his normal life he has to rescue the beautiful girl and win her love too. Who as been imprisoned in the castle.

The Movie was such a huge success that it become the first animated movie to be nominated in Academy Award for Best Picture. The Budget of the movie was $25 million and the Box office collection was of $425 million. Beauty and Beast was released in November 13, 1991.

Do you know some important fact about the movie like. The idea of the movie was snatched from Jean Cocteau’s 1946 live-action film. The character of belly was inspired from the movie Little women. To show how different was Belle from other town members she has made appeared to wear blue all over the movie. The character of beast was the mixture of several animals. Like Body of a bear, Tusk of a boar , Bow of gorilla , Eyes of Human , Head and beard of a Buffalo.


Beauty and the Beast Tattoo Designs

Tattoos of the characters of movies are quite popular. But do you know the name of the prince in the movie ?? No , its not beast. Very few people know that the name of the prince in the movie is Adam.

Beauty and the Beast tattoo outline

Beauty and the Beast tattoo outline

The most common designs among the film lovers are

  1. Couples loves to get the beauty and the beast tattoo. Most famous among them are Beauty written in lady body part and Beast written in male body.
  2. The outline of the beauty and beast is the most common and awesome looking tattoo design.
  3. Belle holding the rose.
  4. The quote “Tale as Old as Time” is also a good option to go with.



Now lets look at the tattoo designs of beauty and the beast.

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