Alien Tattoo


Alien Tattoo

Alien Tattoo : When was the last time you have heard about aliens and UFO and wished to see the one from your own eyes ? It’s not to long right? These extraterrestrial things have made there places in our head since we were small children. Many tattoos get outdated with time but Aliens , UFO and other extraterrestrial things is always a matter of interest and curosity for most of us. So its same with tattoos, these alien tattoos are not going to become outdated anytime soon.

Aliens are not famous and talk of the town now a days. Seeing UFO and aliens were dotted down from early ages of mankind. (Have you seen the famous TV series and theories about those alien ancient ?? If not then check this out and you wont be disappointed – Ancient Alien )


Alien Tattoo and UFO Tattoos Design

It is always a matter of fantasy of people to get things which the world is not sure about. Alien and UFO designs are not quite common and show your preferences and love toward the non-proven facts about the extraterrestrial life.

As there are endless possibilities with any tattoos designs so its also true to the alien ink. so let us bring some of the best alien tattoos designs ideas for our users.

  1. Alien abducting human being is one of the favourite choice among all ages.
  2. Simple looking alien face looks great anywhere in the body.
  3. Alien inside its spaceship.
  4. Funny one includes Alien smoking weed or showing a middle finger is really funny.
  5. Geometrical shaped spaceship or alien head.
  6. Alien with some funny quotes like. “I believe in you” , “I was here” , “Dropped at birth from space to earth”.

As stated numbers of designs can be infinite so why wasting your time reading it find out best from below.

A video for those who don’t want to scroll.


[Note : Click on the images to enlarge them.]

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